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What We Do

The mission of Mr. Stone's Tutoring is to provide the most comprehensive, thorough and affordable tutoring experience in Charlotte and surrounding areas. We take a holistic approach to tutoring students. Our focus in not only on academic performance, but on building skills and confidence.

How We Do It


I called Mr. Stone's Tutoring and found the staff to be very competent and accommodating. My three daughters were able to pass the end of year tests with flying colors.

  • in home tutoring - We tutor students both in the client's home or location of choice
  • off site tutoring - We are available to meet clients at a mutual location such as a library.
  • small group tutoring - we offer tutoring in groups of 3 or less for student needing assistance with the same material
  • on-line tutoring - using google connect we are able to offer online tutoring via your computer [under development]

How Do We Measure Success

  • increased confidence
  • improved grades
  • improved standardized test scores
  • improved study habits
  • increased time on task